We are Acquiring Large Diamonds, Colored Gems, & Fine Diamond Jewelry.

We can Provide In-Person Transactions across the United States as well as International Transactions.

Secure Diamond Selling

The Diamond Trade can provide the safest transactions when buying your diamonds and jewelry. The best way to sell your diamonds and jewelry is to either get paid in person, or with Pay Pal or escrow before you ship your items. We also provide payment through direct deposit, wire transfer, and bank or business check.

The Diamond Trade pays the price we quote. Many online diamond buyers and jewelry buying services want you to send your diamonds to them before you receive payment or a final price.  This means that the competition will only provide a mere quote that will later decrease after the buyer receives your merchandise.

Our process ensures that you will be paid the price you are quoted.

What Quality of Diamonds Does The Diamond Trade Accept?

The Diamond Trade focuses on purchasing a wide array of large diamonds including unique and rare diamonds that other diamond buyers do not purchase. We prefer to buy loose GIA diamonds however we purchase mounted diamonds and diamond engagement rings as well.

We purchase all grades of diamonds and diamond shapes.  We buy every diamond cut from round brilliant to fancy shapes diamonds, all diamond clarities from Flawless (FL) to SI2 and lower clarities diamonds (I1, I2), all colors of diamonds from D to Z and fancy colors, and any proportion from Ideal or Excellent Cut Diamonds to Antique or Old European cut diamonds, even broken or damaged diamonds.

We will make an offer on any GIA graded diamond but will consider other diamond laboratory reports. We recommend certifying diamonds and colored gems with the Gemological Institute of America.  GIA reports are far more accurate that other gem laboratory reports or jewelry appraisals.  Other lab reports and jewelry appraisals are often overstated in quality and value. If you have a GIA report, we can often make an offer based on the GIA certification without even seeing the diamond.

In addition to our diamond buying service, we also have a market for fine diamond jewelry, both modern and antique estate jewelry (i.e. period pieces ~ Georgian, Victorian, Art Noveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, etc.) and large certified colored gemstones, exceeding 5 carats, including rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

Why Sell Diamonds to The Diamond Trade?

Most diamond buyers will claim to pay you the most for your diamonds. However, most diamond jewelry buyers and pawn shops pay very little for quality diamonds and estate jewelry. Likewise, when consigning your diamonds with jewelers or diamond brokers, be aware they will may make big promises as to price you will get and the value of your diamond. But diamond brokers and jewelers will rarely sell your items for the dollar amount they claim you will receive.

We can arrange “in person transactions” or if you prefer to send us your diamonds or other jewelry items we will provide immediate payment through direct deposit, wire transfer, Pay Pal or an overnight bank or business check.

Getting paid in person or by Pay Pal and escrow assures you will receive the price you are quoted, which can eliminate the need to negotiate with the diamond buyer once they have your item. The Diamond Trade provides peace of mind and a stress free transaction with the most secure forms of payment for your diamonds, jewelry and colored gems.

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