The Diamond Trade buys diamonds across the United States and Internationally.
We provide in-person transactions and advanced payment options.

If you want to sell your diamond you will need to figure out what your diamond is worth and how to put a price on your diamond. Visit our Guide to Selling Diamonds page to learn more.

Every diamond is different and has its own special characteristics. To calculate a selling price for your diamond or per carat value, you must have it thoroughly evaluated and professionally graded by a diamond grading laboratory. This is essential when figuring out the best way to sell a diamond.

There are several factors that identify the quality of a diamond which helps assess its overall value in the diamond market.  First, for each diamond the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat (weight/size) needs to be established and thoroughly understood. Once the quality is determined, a per carat value must be calculated to figure out the sale price for a diamond in comparison to similar stones on the international diamond market.

There are many details and nuances within the 4 Cs that need to be taken into account for each individual diamond.  Buying and selling diamonds is a competitive business as there are many diamonds on the market.

We specialize in buying large diamonds and our goal is to
pay you the most for your diamond and jewelry. If you are looking for a secure transaction,
The Diamond Trade is the best place to sell your diamonds.

Visit our diamond FAQs page to learn the best ways to sell your diamond and more about how to sell your diamonds online. Call us today to learn more information or to get a quote for your diamond! 1.800.876.0032