Warning! Be aware many other diamond buyers and jewelry buyers often quote you a high offer, however once you ship your diamond or jewelry and it is in the diamond buyer’s possession, the offer is lowered. Provided the diamond is in the same condition as represented, we pay the price we quote, which often the most for your large diamonds and jewelry.

Most diamond buyers claim to pay the most for diamonds, pay the highest cash price for diamonds and jewelry or pay top dollar for jewelry. But the best way to sell your diamonds and jewelry is to get paid in person or upfront with paypal or have money deposit in escrow before you ship your jewelry. The alternative from the competition is a mere quote that will later decrease after the buyer receives your jewelry.

Getting paid in person or by paypal and escrow assures you will receive the price you are quoted, often eliminating negotiating with a diamond buyer. Allow The Diamond Trade to provide peace of mind and a stress free transaction with the most secure forms a payment for your diamonds, colored gems and jewelry.