Sell Diamonds Online Securely

The Diamond Trade takes every one of its diamond buying transactions very seriously. We are professional diamond buyers who are ready and able to offer you a great quote to sell your diamond or precious jewelry. If you are unable to meet in-person with one of our diamond associates, there are several other secure methods to receive payment for your diamond and send your diamond to us. The diamond buying process we have created will ensure that you get the most out of selling your diamond online. The Diamond Trade will buy most every grade and quality diamonds that are GIA Certified diamonds certified. We also by Engagement Rings, Estate Jewelry, Investment Diamonds and many other types of diamonds and jewelry! The Diamond Trade is the best place for you to sell your diamonds online. We will give you the best quote for selling your diamond online, and will guide you through the amazingly secure process of selling your diamond to The Diamond Trade.

Where Can I Sell My Diamond

If you’ve been asking yourself this question, look no further. The Diamond Trade is the best place for you to sell your diamonds and rare jewelry online for the highest quote. We will give you the full value of the diamond that you are quoted, and will even provide in-person transactions to ensure that you feel comfortable and at-ease with selling your diamond online. Contact The Diamond Trade today to speak with an experienced Diamond Buyer. If you’re interested in selling a diamond or jewelry online, call The Diamond Trade today!

Our Secure Diamond Selling Process


Call or Text: 1.559.799.6841

Fax: 1.877.254.6907

Diamonds: If the diamond is GIA certified you can receive a quote over the phone, via text or email.

If you’re selling your diamond and it’s not GIA certified and 1.0 ct or above, please forward all relevant information such as an appraisal or other laboratory report (AGS, EGL, etc).

If the diamond’s weight is below .99 cts it must be GIA certified to receive a quote.

Jewelry: Please provide any available appraisals and photographs.

Colored Gems: Please provide any laboratory reports or appraisals and photographs.

To learn more about GIA (Gemological Institute of America) please go to OR visit the GIA link on our site.

Diamond Selling Payment Options

Payment in Person

Martin Malkasian or an associate will travel to meet you at a secure location for an in person transaction for the sale of your diamonds, gems, and jewelry with high values. Payment can be made through various forms of cash payments such as direct transfer at your bank, wire transfer, business or bank check. Payment can often be made to you and at the bank teller window directly into your account for your safety and peace of mind.

Safe Ways to Sell your Diamonds Online

Other Payment Options 

You may be asking yourself, Where are safe places to sell my diamonds online? Here are a couple of websites The Diamond Trade trusts to help with the diamond selling process:

Paypal: Payment by Paypal into your Paypal account is also an option. Please see and contact us for more information.

Escrows Available: is a third party, independent of thediamondtrade. will hold the purchase funds in an escrow account before you ship the diamond to us. Once we receive the diamond, the funds can be released to you. Based out of Irvine California, is recommended by online purchasing sites such as Ebay.

Shipping your Merchandise

If you decide to send the diamond(s) or jewelry, we recommend using the United States Postal Service (”USPS”) Registered Mail Insured with Return Receipt Requested. Registered mail is one of the safest ways to ship a diamond.

For higher value packages we can arrange insured shipments for diamonds and jewelry via FedEx, Brinks, or shipping and viewing at a Malca Amit location. Upon request, we can provide shipping materials for you to ship a diamond or jewelry items.