Ready to Ditch That Diamond Ring?

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Not only can it be emotionally draining, it requires a great deal of sorting through assets, and of course, determining what to do with your diamond ring.

Am I Ready to Sell my Diamond Engagement Ring?

At this point, your diamond ring may no longer hold a sentimental value for you, and you’d like to sell your diamond ring for cash. If so, The Diamond Trade can help you. Our services allow you to sell your diamond engagement ring in a timely, pain-free manner, ensuring a transaction you will be satisfied with. Here at The Diamond Trade we always like to make sure our clients are completely sure they want to sell their engagement ring before going through the process of selling to us. Below are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding to sell:

1)      What does the ring represent to you? Are these good memories, or bad? When you look at your wedding ring and it makes you upset, or reminds you of all the negative memories/a traumatic experience within the relationship – then it’s time to let it go. Bad energy can eat a person up inside, and having a something lying around that symbolizes a lost love could hold you back.

2)      Why do you want to keep it/get rid of it? Before deciding to sell your ring, it’s important to sort through why you want to. If it’s for financial purposes, and you feel like it’s time to let go, then it should be noted that:

3)      It’s a good time to sell diamonds. Today’s diamond prices are high and stable which means that selling them on a secondary market, (such as The Diamond Trade), will most likely promise a great return, and a fair deal.

Should I put my Diamond up for Sale Online?

Often when a person is trying to sell their engagement ring after divorce, they put up advertisements on random websites that encourage even more random, flippant, and unreliable inquiries. Sifting through these inquiries can be an extremely stressful, agonizing process – especially when you’re not an expert on diamonds. How do you know you’re getting a deal when selling your diamond ring to a stranger? How do you know how much your diamond is worth?

Sell your Engagement Ring to the Diamond Trade

Selling to The Diamond Trade will take a lot of the guess work out of the process. With over 15 years of experience, The Diamond Trade is skilled handling sensitive cases such as yours. We understand that selling your engagement ring may have been a difficult decision for you to make, and we work with our clients to make sure they receive a fair, appropriate quote for their piece of jewelry.

Not only can selling your diamond engagement ring be a positive financial experience, but letting go of the piece may help to alleviate any of the remaining emotional turmoil the ring represents. – A clean, fresh beginning to help you move forward and start anew.