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Most sellers want to be paid cash immediately or in paid cash in advance before the diamond leaves their possession.

If you’re looking to sell your diamond online, or sell to a diamond buyer, then look no further! The Diamond Trade is an experienced diamond buyer who knows the ins and outs of the diamond buying process. The Diamond Trade has incredible experience with selling diamonds online and buying diamonds and jewelry. At The Diamond Trade, we give you exactly what we quote you for your diamond. We offer competitive prices for many different cuts of diamonds.

If you feel uncertain about the transaction process – not to worry! The Diamond Trade offers secure, in-person transactions for the sale of your precious diamonds, jewelry and gems. We also offer several different types of cash payments, including business and bank checks, wire transfers, bank transfers and even in person.

Sell your diamond online and reap the benefits instead of going to a local jeweler who will likely give you less than what your diamond is actually worth. Most jeweler do not pay cash on the spot for your diamonds but rather want to keep your diamond on consignment, while you wait to be paid.

There is potential risk in not selling for cash since if a jeweler or diamond broker files for bankruptcy, you may lose your consigned jewelry to his or her creditors, and not legally receive payment at all. There is no guarantee to be paid for your consigned diamonds with a diamond broker or paid for consigned jewelry with your local jeweler in the event of loss, theft, or damage to your consigned jewelry. Many consignors of diamonds are concerned of switching diamonds for a synthetic or lesser quality diamond.
Be aware that there is no insurance that covers non-payment for your consigned merchandise. Safety, security, and getting paid cash in person rather than a promise for a better price for your diamond is all the more reason to sell diamonds for cash in person. The Diamond Trade ensures safe, fair transactions. To sell a diamond online can be frightening, but we have the experience, the reputation, and ability to provide all of our clients with superior customer service that our competitors cannot sustain. Additionally, we are able to travel to you to guarantee you receive cash for diamonds.

Before you consign your diamond or jewelry with a local jeweler there are a few things to consider. Jewelers often ask for consignment because they have limited resources and cash to buy diamonds and rather work on credit supplied by you.
Diamond brokers will broker your diamonds and take 10% or more from the total sale price. Diamond brokers often list your diamond on a ‘internet diamond trading network’ which dealers, like, buy from regularly.

We have had many diamond brokers contact us to buy consigned diamonds they have in stock from clients. By contacting you can cut out the middle man and sell direct without paying a third-party commission. Selling directly to us also avoids giving up physical control of the diamond before you are paid cash for your diamond.
Consigning and brokering diamonds carry potential risks of loss including theft, damage, or non-payment from the jeweler’s or broker’s buyer. Many jewelers and diamond brokers may not carry insurance to protect against theft, loss, or damage to a diamond. In the event your jeweler or diamond broker were to go bankrupt, you could lose your diamond to their creditors.

We offer competitive “cash quotes” for diamonds, and will give you the exact amount we quote you. Sell your diamonds and precious jewelry to a diamond buyer to receive the best possible return for selling your diamond online. Apart from diamonds, The Diamond Trade also buy jewelry and colored gems.

Only a professional diamond buyer like The Diamond Trade can make you feel safe and secure when selling your precious gems and jewelry. We take all of our online transactions very seriously, and will make sure that you feel comfortable and at-ease with selling your diamond. Our diamond buying process is fool-proof, and the kinds of jewelry we buy is vast!