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The 4Cs: Learn how a diamond is valued based on these factors.
Diamond Glossary: Learn all you can about diamonds!
Colored Gem Glossary: Curious about colored gems? Learn more here!
MM to Carats Conversion: Check to see just how many carats your diamond is! buys diamonds, colored gems, and jewelry, conducting transactions in person across the United States and Internationally. Whether you have a small diamond or a family heirloom, The Diamond Trade will give you a competitive quote for your gems. Contact us today to learn more about how to get the online diamond selling process started, or visit The Process to get started!

Diamond & Gem Labs

GIA – Gemological Institute of America:
AGS – American Gem Society:
EGL USA – European Gemological Laboratory USA:
EGL – European Gemological Laboratory International:
HRD – Antwerp, Institute of Gemology:
GCAL – Gem Certification & Assurance Laboratory:
IGI – International Gemological Institute: