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Where is the best place to sell a diamond or jewelry?

Meeting at your bank is often the best place to sell a diamond or the safest location to sell jewelry. Getting paid in person is often the best way to sell a diamond or valuable piece of jewelry. Please contact us to discuss how to sell diamonds in person rather than selling diamonds online to  Read More »

What is the best way to sell a diamond and jewelry online?

Warning! Be aware many other diamond buyers and jewelry buyers often quote you a high offer, however once you ship your diamond or jewelry and it is in the diamond buyer’s possession, the offer is lowered. Provided the diamond is in the same condition as represented, we pay the price we quote, which often the most for  Read More »

Should I sell my diamond at an auction?

Online auctions and auction houses both come with fees.  Most auction houses add a ‘buyer’s premium’ above what the bidder bids.  Twenty (20%) to Twenty (25%) percent buyers premium is a common percentage added.  This will limit what a buyer can pay as it makes bidding too expensive yield a fair amount. Also, keep in  Read More »

Should I consign my diamond with a diamond broker or local jeweler?

Before you consign your diamond or jewelry with a local jeweler there are a few things to consider.  Jewelers often ask for consignment because they have limited resources and cash to buy diamonds and rather work on credit supplied by you. Diamond brokers will broker your diamonds and take 10% or more from the total  Read More »

Is selling diamonds on Ebay or Craigslist safe?

Selling diamonds and jewelry on ebay or craigslist is an option, however the sites often just  produce false promises from fraudulent individuals with and online scams or low-ball offers from jewelry buyers.   Larger expensive diamonds rarely sell on online auction sites.  How do we know this, we have years of experience in buying diamonds from  Read More »

Should I have my diamond GIA certified?

Once your diamond is GIA certified there will rarely be a question as to the diamond’s quality.  GIA’s grading is far more accurate and respected in the diamond business compared to other gem labs.  With some exceptions, we can regularly make you an offer and buy your diamond based on the GIA report alone, without  Read More »

Should I have my diamond appraised?

As explained in the GIA FAQs,  jewelry appraisals often not very helpful compared to actually having your diamond certified with the GIA.  Jewelry appraisers, are not diamond graders and often inaccurately grade diamonds.  Appraisals rarely have the essential information a GIA report will contain.  As stated on most jewelry appraisals, the description is only an  Read More »